Saturday, February 9, 2013

Izzy's Life :T

WelCome To Izzy's Life Where i Post The Actual Izzy. But i Don't Give To Much Information Away.

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10 Facts About Izzy :I (Hush)

1. My Real Name Isn't Izzy :T
2. I Dont Play Izzy Alone! :O
3. Im Addicted To WoozWorld. T-T ( Kinda Embarassing To Say DX)
4. Austin And My Age Is The Same :I (Austin= Fiancé)
5. My Woozin Is Boring :/
6. I Have Great Friends On WoozWorld :D (Will Be Mentioned in Next Blog Post)
7. Im Asian! ='.'= (Don't Judge) O3O
8. Im Usually Bored And WoozWorld's My First Choice:/ My Second Is Usually A Nap! (HeHe) xD
9. I Have Nothing TO Say Here..... Just That Im Sleepy Right Now 0.0
10. I Love Blogging xP :D

Daily Quote: Don't Cry Because It's Over, Smile Because It Happened
By: Dr. Seuss


Don't Forget, Is The Star Or The Sun Shinier?! (Only Smart People Know This) ~Winks~
See You Soon!!

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