Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hey Guys ;-;..!

  • What Or Why
Wanna know why i'm sad?  
I had to postpone my wedding because woozworld not working! 
Waaaa!! T.T Worst day of my life!!!! 

  • Guess What?!
Guess what it's not canceled FOREVER it's still on !
Yayyy! Look down below for info o-o

  • Date, Time And Where
Date- March 2nd 2013  
Time- 3:30 pm
Where- In my unitz ( It'll be on Eventz )

  • Notes And Talking
I hope woozworld won't ruin my wedding AGAIN also rebecca-angel 
was gonna have her wedding today too but i guess its ruined D:
Since woozworld didn't work for 2 days i made a bunch of videos on 
YouTube check it out right now!

  • Thinking About Why Woozworld Not Working
I wonder why woozworld didn't work for 2 days i think someone hacked
it or something because when woozworld updates things it usually 
takes about 1 day instead i hope it works today!! Or tomorrow 
because i didn't want to spend my weekends doing nothing! xP 
Well see ya guys i'll be making A LOT of videos and blogs ;-; 

-Izzy And Her Friend ~;-;~

Ps- We wove yew Austin-xP! :3

Friday, February 15, 2013

Hey Guys ! ^.^

I'm gonna be soo Happy tomorrow!!

  • Why?
Well because IM GETTING MARRIED !! 

  • When? And Where?
Date- It's tomorrow 2/16/13 
Time- It's at 3:30 pm ! 
Where- It's at my Wedding unit (It'll be on Eventz) 
  • Side Notes And Me Talking A LOT
There's gonna be A LOT of people and also it's public !
I'm having A LOT  of special guests but i don't know if their 
gonna make it because of the data loss T.T! 
So if you have any gifts just trade me ! Or buy from me
If you have any comments or questions please post it down below 
Thank You !! 

-Izzy And Izzy's Friend '-' '.' 

PS- There's gonna be an after party so stay!! I hope
i can get on HOT NOW

  • Pictures

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hey Everyone!! Welcome To another one of my blog posts!! :D

Just A Sneak Peek For People That Don't Have InstaGram!! :O

That's Me 0-0
So Hush People Who Reads This 0.0

This Is.... The Other Izzy Who plays Izzy Too :D

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